Smart Technology

NetworkIP delivers best-in-class performance with a well-rounded platform enabling customers to combine any of services from NetworkIP.

There is no need for infrastructure, switches or additional technical staff — we take care of all these business components so you can focus on your relationship with your customers.  

Hosted Services Platform

NetworkIP delivers best-in-class performance with a well-rounded platform enabling customers to combine any of our services.


Your company’s menu of cloud-based products can include prepaid, unlimited and VoIP long distance calling products. Or you can build your own with API access to an open interface for creating and customizing internet-based products.

Odessi 3

Back-office tools for managing and running your business with access to advanced inventory, billing and reporting functionality and consumer behavior analytics through a customizable web-based environment.


Through our patented technology, we ensure optimal call quality and a better end-user experience with a higher percentage of successful calls and fewer trouble tickets.

Call Center

One of the most experienced customer support teams in the industry enabling a positive relationship for you with your users. Bilingual in English and Spanish.

8th Generation Software (ICS8)

Continuously evolving, customizable and proven prepaid services platform.


With switching facilities dispersed over two geographical regions, enterprise-grade data storage with sophisticated backup solutions and connections to over 100 international carriers, rest assured, your business is in good hands.


NetworkIP has the power to support your business with capacity for over 6 million calls a day, over a billion end-user accounts and over 100,000 telephony ports.

Direct Integration

NetworkIP has written straightforward APIs to which our customers

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